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Today's automotive industry is rapidly evolving and implementing digital solutions which in turn will have a spiral effect on other industries. OEMs and Tier have already realized that digitization along with IoT, technology partnerships, software capabilities, BI solutions, and customized solutions will be the way forward for the global automotive industry.

CliqVenus has helped various automotive leaders transform their businesses through various services by improving efficiency across their extended value chain. Our solutions provide insights to the client to gain real-time visibility across the manufacturing value chain. We also provide an implementation of a complete enterprise planning solution that eases the day to day functions of the business.


Banking and Financial services industry has been hard hit by COVID-19 and adopting digitization has become a necessity for them. However, BFSIs have always been at the forefront of digital transformation initiatives with data at its epicenter. It is crucial for the industry to predict the impact of next-gen technologies and digitization including Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, and 5G on productivity and modernization of operations.

CliqVenus helps clients to understand financial markets with a thought to expand their businesses. Through our BI solutions, clients are able to enhance their customer intelligence and draw insights to further streamline service levels, detect fraud, and be compliant in all terms. We also help the marketing management teams in the company to identify the right target markets and exploit demand.



Since the birth of COVID-19, Manufacturing industry has been hard hit due to the supply chain disruptions which now require a more flexible business model and real-time decision-making intelligence which can be implemented through predictive analytics tools.

CliqVenus has been an official partner of Qlik and offers it as a business analytics tool, which allows leading manufacturing companies to gain real-time visibility across the entire supply chain and manage the inventory to minimize wastage. We focus on improving OEE and Operations, maximizing Sales Performance, optimizing Supply Chain and Supplier relationships, Analyzing Spend and P&L, and improving Marketing Reach.

Energy & Utilities

The Energy & Utilities industry is undergoing a transformation through technologies such as predictive analysis. The deployed grids are getting smarter by the day with the help of advanced predictive analysis. Further, Electric power sources are getting cleaner and consumers have more choices to receive power now. However, deploying technology results in large data sets which are produced on a continuous basis which gets collected over a period of time.This accumulated data can then be utilized through CliqVenus' services and solutions. We help Energy & Utilities companies by increasing operational efficiencies, reducing costs, lowering carbon emissions and wastage, and managing energy demand for end consumers.



The Government sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation in the way it works, for this industry, it has always been cumbersome to implement technological transformations. The Government industry undergoes a constant pressure of minimizing costs, abiding by the public opinion, and providing citizen-centric solutions.

CliqVenus provides the Government industry with solutions through Qlik to implement business intelligence application to gain quick and clear visibility into operations, programs and processes designed for its citizens.


The Telecommunications industry is facing reduced profit margins as people are moving rapidly towards alternative services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram instead of using cellular voice and messaging services. However, the transition from 4G to 5G is expected to drive a rush in the telecommunications industry. As a result the data collected by the telecom companies is predicted to rise.

This rise in collected data will then lead to increased demand of data management services. CliqVenus provides not just data management services but adds insights to the data through interactive BI dashboards.

Media & Publishing

The Media & Publishing industry has been facing challenges in cutting through the clutter for attention as well as maintaining or even increasing content quality everyday. This makes it crucial for the media companies to study consumer behaviour to predict how their content is being perceived. These companies collect data and further analyze it to determine if their target audience is being impacted.

CliqVenus offers Media companies with advanced analytics to predict future consumer behaviour as well as curates BI dashboards to study the collected data in the right manner.

Hospitality &Travel

The Hospitality & Travel industry was always known to be a highly profitable and competitive industry, however, the industry was hard hit by COVID-19. In order to bounce back into the business, it is very important for Hospitality & Travel companies to implement predictive analytics to minimize wastage and maximize profits in the shortest duration possible.

CliqVenus offers BI visualizations that help companies to analyze their competitors; weigh the pros & cons of different strategies to minimize the opportunity cost attached, and identify any future trends. We also offer advanced analytics solutions which helps to monitor the complete customer life cycle.

Hospitality and Travel


The FMCG industry is largely overruled by the big brands such as Amazon and Flipkart these days. In such a scenario, it is the need of the hour for other companies to focus on innovation through digitization.

We provide curated solutions to the clients in the FMCG industry, including Sales Monitoring; Marketing and Customer Intelligence; Merchandising and Buying; Warehousing and Distribution; Supply Chain Management; Inventory Management; Store Operations; and Finance and Executive Management.

Life Science & Healthcare

Life Science & Healthcare industry has always faced a constant challenge of regulations, across regions, life sciences organizations have to comply with numerous regulations. Slowly though steadily, as the industry's confidence grew in security and dependability of cloud implementations, the organizations have started to turn to the cloud to help standardize the compliance process.

CliqVenus offers various services to address a range of aspects such as staffing, inventory, financials, patient-centric processes, and pharmacy.

Life Science and Healthcare

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics & Supply Chain companies are facing disruptions in the supply chain amidst COVID-19 along with rising fuel costs, expansion of regional suppliers, global environmental concerns and compliance with regulatory mandates by various governments.

CliqVenus provides various services to logistics and third party logistics providers including QlikView platform which helps companies to streamline its operations, analyze and study loads, routes, carriers, tendering, bookings, customs filings, and freight audit.

E-commerce & Retails

With the evolution of E-commerce industry strongly driven by COVID-19, it has now become crucial for companies to offer an omnichannel experience. E-commerce and retail is one the industries which is rapidly growing with changing trends and emerging competition.

CliqVenus helps E-commerce and Retails clients through BI implementation and visualizations; Advanced analytics; and ERP management.

E-commerce and Retailers


Pharmaceuticals industry has been dependent on technology for many years. However, it experiences difficulty in providing interesting insights from the data collected.

CliqVenus helps pharmaceutical companies by providing them with BI implementation and interactive dashboards which utilize the collected patient data and produces insightful results to ponder upon.