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About Us

About CliqVenus

Founded in 2019, CliqVenus is a privately owned BI company. We are proud to be known as a 'customer-oriented firm' which focuses to deliver best-in-class customized products and services. We take pride in our premium partnerships with Qlik, Tableau, and PowerBI.

CliqVenus as a company focuses on providing various solutions including BI & Analytics, Data Visualization & Reporting, Cloud Analytics, Data Warehouse & Data Lakes, Data Preparation & Management, Advanced Analytics, Embedded Analytics, Cloud Migration & Deployment, and Business Productivity with an emphasis on continued client support.


The team at CliqVenus includes some of the most experienced individuals in the industry who thrive to achieve continued excellence. You can count on us to deliver exquisite quality and service with commitment.

What we do

CliqVenus focuses on driving BI adoption in the technological ecosystem with more than 90 to 95% deliveries without failure. Our experience of over 15 years, allows us to offer end-to-end solutions with an edge of expertise in the industry.

We focus on bringing your data to life and speak for you and ensure that your business gets the best Visualization Solution.

Our Story

We started with a vision to increase the BI adoption in the industry at an affordable price. The initial goal was not just to build a company but to build a holistic ecosystem with a focus on BI and Analytics. When we started, back in 2016, we were just two employees and the journey has now led us to a team of more than 20 experienced professionals. We began with a focus on offshore clients earlier which has now shifted to Indian clients and marks our evolution as a firm.

Recently, we provided services to various premium Indian brands including Samsung and Adani group.


Our mission is to provide BI solutions at affordable prices with a focus on the development of the entire ecosystem.


Our vision is to drive growth in the BI adoption industry and provide training capabilities to enhance talent.